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While our office is in Central Florida, we have designed outdoor lighting systems for clients all over the state. Contact us today to find out how we can not only design, but manage your project as well.


Our expert team of installers is standing by ready to install your lighting system to our exacting specifications.


Just because your lighting installation is complete, it doesn’t mean our work is done. Your property is constantly evolving as plants grow and leaves fall. We will ensure that your elegant outdoor lighting continues to look the best it possibly can.


Not satisfied with your current outdoor lighting? We can help. Often times we are able to utilize the existing wiring infrastructure, making renovations more cost effective and efficient.

Landscape Lighting Design

We create custom lighting designs that enhance your home’s beauty and safety.

  • Custom design consultation
  • Detailed lighting plan
  • Expert advice on lighting types and placement
  • Consideration of your property’s unique features
  • Energy-efficient lighting solutions

Landscape Lighting Installation

Our team ensures a seamless, hassle-free installation process.

  • Professional installation of lighting fixtures
  • Use of high-quality, durable materials
  • Respectful treatment of your property
  • Thorough clean-up after installation
  • Walk-through to ensure your satisfaction

Landscape Lighting Maintenance

We offer routine maintenance services to keep your lights shining bright.

  • Regular system check-ups
  • Bulb replacement
  • Fixture cleaning and adjustment
  • System upgrades
  • Emergency repair services

Outdoor Lighting for Safety

Our lighting solutions enhance safety by illuminating dark areas of your property.

  • Lighting for walkways, driveways, and entrances
  • Pool and patio lighting
  • Lighting for steps and uneven terrain
  • Security lighting
  • Energy-efficient, long-lasting LEDs

Outdoor Lighting for Beauty

We enhance your home’s beauty with strategic lighting that highlights its best features.

  • Architectural lighting
  • Garden and landscape lighting
  • Accent lighting for statues, fountains, and more
  • Festive lighting for holidays and special events
  • Custom lighting designs to match your style